Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He's here...

Well once again, I have birthed another beautiful child. Even though it wasn't like my other four, it was an easy labor and delivery. I will try to write more when time allows but here are the facts: boy, 8lbs 1oz, healthy, not named Jamal.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Brynna is constantly saying something to make us laugh. She truly has a different way of looking at the world.

As Jace was working on his 4th grade school project, the question came up between Brian and myself of how much parental involvement there should be. I stated that the project should be done completely by Jace with just parental supervision. To which Brynna immediately replied, "You guys don't have super vision!" I'll be honest I didn't get it at first, and then Jace began to explain what supervision meant and then laughing about how fun it would be if we (his parents) did have some super powers. After the 10 year old explained it to me I couldn't stop laughing. I guess my ability to know when Ryleigh doesn't use toilet paper after peeing or that Brynna is making faces while walking away from me doesn't count as super vision, but a mom's keen sense of foresight should be viewed as somewhat heroic, don't you think?

Then one night at dinner Brynna claimed to know where I bought the extremely large container of Old Bay spice from. I thought from the sheer size of the bottle she would claim Costco, but to my surprise she stated it was Best Buy as she held it in her hand. Again, Jace clarified the situation for me, when he told her that it was the expiration date and not the store. Get it, "Best by" such and such a date.

At back to school night she shared her school papers and artwork with us. Hanging on the wall was her book report with illustrations of a book she read about tigers. One of the scenes showed two tigers who I thought were wrestling however the page read "tigers have to mate". They were wrestling in the second drawing...I guess tigers have to play too.

She's the only one in her classroom assignment asking what she will look like at 100, who drew herself in a wheelchair. Everyone else just had more hair and was taller.

Maybe she just sees things how they really are. No fantasy with her and she won't let you have any fantasies either...don't even think you can have super vision.