Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gripes of a Preggo

I am officially 32 weeks pregnant! What this is supposed to mean is that I only have 8 weeks left until I meet the newest member of our family. I however, seem to always go late and so I am not planning on making introductions until around 10 weeks.

The third trimester is upon me. I realize I have been in the third trimester for over a month now, but just the past week or so it has really come upon me. I'm tired - that's a given. My back is so sore I visited the chiropractor this week. My crotch feels as if someone has placed a vice inside of it and is slowly (and painfully) spreading it apart, hence my walk becoming more of a waddle. The varicose veins in my legs ache all day now and if someone accidentally bumps them I'm on the floor in pain. My belly is stretched and heavy and has that squeezing feeling several times a day (gotta love braxton hicks). My feet are beginning to swell slightly and my once slender toes are beginning to resemble Lil' Smokies by 9 o'clock at night. My seemingly stable mood has begun to resemble playground equipment, some days I'm fine and the next I'm crying, no make that sobbing, over stupid things like applesauce being thrown away. Yes the third trimester is here, and in a way that I am not used to!

To make matters even worse, I failed my glucose test again! I failed the first time by seven points, took the 3-hour test and passed with flying colors. I took the 28 week test a little late and failed by 3 points. I am awaiting the call from the doctor. I'm not sure if he will make me do a three hour test again, or if they are just going to call me diabetic and put me on the stinking diet. I guess I shouldn't have eaten that Costco-sized bag of peanut M&M's last week by myself. My theory of protein and sugar canceling one another out has been canceled out.

I don't want to be the complaining pregnant lady, I know no one wants to hang out with her, but I'm a little disappointed. Disappointed that this might be it. This might be the last time my body (or rather my mind) can handle carrying a little one inside of me. That means this will be the last time to feel a baby kicking my stomach, from the inside at least. The last time I will see my body grow to accommodate God's beautiful blessing, unless we can count M&M's as a blessing. The last time Brian and I will ponder baby names. The last time I will hear Brian say, "It's a....". The last time... Even if this uterus is done, I am thankful for the chance I have been given to carry life inside of me six times. And if it's not I pray that I could do it again with His strength and grace....and that I will be allowed to eat as many M&M's as I want.