Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Write Stuff

Consistent writing has never been my strong suit.  In an attempt to have some accountability and stretch myself as a writer I began writing monthly for a website, called "Today's Frugal Mom".   It's a great website offering resources and Christian encouragement to moms.  I've linked to the articles I've written for them thus far.

My first attempt was at sharing our new culinary view point.  I don't think that cooking posts are my "cup o' tea", but these vegetarian meatballs prove better than my culinary writing ability any day.

I shared our family's path to discovering our homeschooling style. (Don't worry grandmothers, the kids are learning stuff.)

Brian and I headed to Hawaii for a week and the anxiety. I felt beforehand regarding tsunamis was no different than the fear I feel when I meet more academic-minded families. 

The trip to Hawaii taught me more than how to say, "Hello" and "Thank You".