Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sometimes I Don't Want to Write

I want to be a great writer, but I lack the ability to write when I don't know what to write.  Hence, the reason my posts are few and far between, but now that I have committed myself to writing for Today's Frugal Mom. Commited, meaning I have to write something even when I don't have a thing to write.  I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  Something inside of me wants to rebel because it feels forced.  However, I think in the grand scheme it's good for my writing and for me.  Here is my latest post that lacked inspiration:

"Sometimes writing comes easily for me. An idea will pop into my head and it spills out of my mind onto the paper effortlessly. If it’s a piece that brings encouragement or laughter, I think there is nothing I’d rather do than write. Other times it is a painful process. My mind is a blank canvas and there is not an artist to be found; I am at a loss to write something…anything. I’ll jot down a few lines and then cross it out. I’ll write something else, only for it to become a crumpled ball on the floor. Other times, there is a disconnect between my mind and my fingers, and the thought stays trapped in my head. It’s as if the ability to take those thoughts and transform them into a story no longer exists. It can be utterly frustrating and leaves me wondering why I ever thought I could be a writer in the first place.  
Homeschooling is much like this...."  Continue reading here...