Friday, June 13, 2014

Sheltered Lives

My latest article for Today's Frugal Mom:

"   My children wear seat belts in the car.  I make them wear helmets when they ride things with wheels.  I limit their candy intake.  I have a water filter on our sink to ensure the water they drink is clean. I don’t allow them to play by the road. These are typical boundaries to ensure our children’s safety that I think most people would agree upon, because they physically protect our kids.
However, when I say my children are not allowed to watch certain movies or t.v. shows, people tell me I’m overprotective. If I mention that our teenagers are not allowed to date, people think I am robbing them of their youth.  When I mention that one of the reasons I homeschool is because I would like input into who is influencing our children’s lives, people assume I am controlling.
I find the irony somewhat amusing that people of today’s culture would never want their children to have skinned knees because of the scar it would leave, but they believe that a teenager with a broken heart builds character."...  Continue reading here...