Friday, August 22, 2014

Consuming Consumption

School is starting again and I've written another article for Today's Frugal Mom.

"School fliers arrive in the mail touting one-cent glue and crayons for a quarter.  Week after week in August, big chain stores make me believe that I need several hundred binders; they make me wonder how I am existing without hole reinforcements for loose-leaf paper.  Flash forward to September when I have enough glue for three kindergarten classes and possess more hole punches and push pins than any family would ever need in their entire life.  Not to mention, my collection of binders in rainbow colors has grown exponentially and all of my children are wearing hole reinforcements like French manicures.
I’m not sure why I do this to myself. Not just at back-to-school time, but practically every time I am presented with an opportunity to acquire something with little or no money.  A clearance rack, a yard sale, a dollar store–suddenly I should be on a TLC show because my appetite for inexpensive material things is insatiable.  Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not opposed to having extra things on hand.  I totally see the value in that. My issue is having things on hand and then never using them.  My problem is stockpiling.  Truly, if there is ever a shortage of glue at your local office supply store, it’s probably because I bought it all.
Over a year ago, God began speaking with me about my consumption and how it was consuming my life." Continue reading here.