Sunday, February 7, 2016

Prayers of the Emaciated American

man cannot live by bread alone
ask the starving masses that look like the American dream
spiritual and emotional emaciation hidden behind steering wheels in fancy cars; holding electronic versions of the tree of knowledge in their hand; dressed in clothes with names of their own
an IV of consumption and constant dripping flattery
our modern medicine doesn't sustain
dying by our own means, but no one sees, rather no one cares

thank you, Lord, for Instagram filters

we claim transparency--it's the new black
it's not
true transparency looks too much like desperation
and no one wears that well
it would mean the meds aren't working
and of course they are
we can't taint the dream

Lord, give us this day our daily organic sprouted whole grain bread, Amen

apply the Instagram filter
and then the world will believe I can live by bread alone

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