Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How do they do it?

I guess I need to stop watching all those shows on TLC that feature large families. I am in awe how they can have 12 kids or more, homeschool them, keep them under control and content, how they all like each other, and how they keep a clean house. I'm at least 7 down, I send my older two to school, my kids fight constantly, are always bored and want friends over, and my house is never clean...even when I clean it. So how do these wonder women do it? Do they ever sleep? Are my priorities completely screwed up? I guess my dreams of being Michelle Duggar are just that, dreams.

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Tonya said...

OK, so when did you start this and NOT tell me? I'm so thrilled! I loved reading about Brynna and her "view" of the world - very literal. Rebekah is very much like that. The other day I said that the baby's them song is from the Veggie Tales movie, Jonah - In the Belly of a Whale. Rebekah looked at me and said, "Mom, she doesn't even know what a whale is."

How is life going with 5? Please tell me it's grand. :-) Add moving in the 3rd trimester - I'm nuts. Tired, tired all the time - I can relate.

Better run, Josiah is at the door crying because Daddy left and didn't take him. He's liable to open the door and go look for him!