Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Non-Discerning Palate

Keely, the two year old, has begun to demonstrate her independence. She has decided that she no longer likes my cooking. I'm not cooking exotic dishes or forcing her to eat spinach, I stick to kid-pleasing menu options; Chicken Parmesan, Homemade Mac n' Cheese, Sloppy Joes. Things that two months ago she would have scarfed down, she now refuses.

Grandmothers don't worry, she is still healthy and thriving, croutons and milk obviously provide some nutritional value, and yes I am giving her a multi-vitamin. My concern, as horrible as it sounds, has nothing to do with her caloric intake, rather it is a pride issue on my part. Why doesn't she like the food I prepare? This little one has consumed dog food on more than one occasion. She frequently gulps her own creations from cups of water that have meat sitting on the bottom, chips floating on top, and cookies that have expanded and developed into mush. She drinks sour milk from sippy cups found days after they were made. Remember from previous posts - she is the one who swallowed the penny? I even think when we went to the petting zoo last summer, she ate a goat turd, yet my meatloaf turns her stomach. Is it possible that goat's produce tastier morsels than mom? I'm not sure, but I certainly hope that the age old statement "We are what we eat" is not true, because I think that would make her a cheap little poop.


Penni said...

That's the cutest... and I have felt you pain. Maybe she will be a new age chef and she is testing her palate. Let's hope for safety's sake that we are not what we eat. My kids would all be cheese puff balls. lol

Rebecca said...

Totally have the solution for your picky eater. Send her to my house for the week and she will be begging to leave the spelt-bread-eating, rice-milk sipping, friends' house to come back home. :)

Sarah said...

lol! Funny, but not. My child won't eat *my* spaghetti, but the spaghetti at church functions or at my parents house? She scarfs it up.

Speaking of spinach - oddly enough she likes that! I bought one of those Bertoli frozen dinner things. It has spinach, chicken and bowtie pasta...she LOVES it.

Kids are odd. ;)

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

my husband and I were laughing tonite at a commercial on tv where the whole family is sitting at the dinner table, smiling, and eating. We agreed it would be nice to have that type of dinnertime. Ours are filled with, "Eat one more bite; no you can't have dessert if that's all you eat; I told you to finish your milk..." With the only exception being when we order pizza delivery. THAT makes 'em ALL happy.

Lynette said...

If mine were what she ate she would be hot cheetos..

Just one of those phases they go through..

SuZ said...

Eck!! I'm afraid of this happening with my 2 year old. Let me know how it turns out, so I can be prepared. :)