Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An April Fool - The Joke's on Me

In the fifth grade, my friends and I got in really big trouble for pranking our teacher for April Fool's Day. For some reason, Ms. Mitchell didn't see the humor in her drawers being taped shut with what I believe were croutons inside. (Don't ask I'm not even sure how that made sense or where they came from.) She especially did not appreciate the "Talking Toilet" we fastened to her chair that said something about her having a large butt. We lost recess privileges and my brother's commode device was thrown in the trash. Some people are no fun at all. Not since that day has an April Fool's backfired on me, until this year. Okay, if you count the year I made "cat puke" from spaghetti squash I guess that would go in the "Don't Do Again" file too.

Normally my jokes of faux food are a hit, when I was employed my "mark" fell for the message from Mr. Lyon and called the local zoo-like Feline Compound, and the kitchen sprayer with the rubber band gets the unsuspecting hand washer every time. This year though I wasn't in the zone. My meatloaf made from Coco Rice Crispies didn't firm up in time. The chip bag I replaced with carrots and put in the kids lunches were upgraded for cupcakes before even being opened. Even my jello drinks did not set all the way before having to serve them to the kids. This year was a flop. All of them fell short, even the one my brother suggested, the one I played on Brian. I woke him up as usual for work and told him we were expecting again. Even though he believed me, he was unphased, slightly excited and just asked me questions. I had to end it quickly since once again I didn't get the elicited response. My prank arsenal was depleted, I was done for the day. Then it happened fifteen days later, the best April Fool's joke ever. Sadly enough I can not lay claim to the ultimate joke, I was not the pranker but was instead the recipient. The only April Fool in our house this year was me as I stood in the bathroom barely peeing on a pregnancy stick before two lines magically appeared. Yes, we are pregnant!!

God always knows when to humble us doesn't he? Here I was thinking I was so funny, almost smug at times, tricking friends and family for years and he reminded me who has the best sense of humor of all. Thankfully his humor is more thought out then salad toppings in drawers and electronics from Spencer's rigged to chairs, and most importantly it is always accompanied with blessings and not humiliation.


goofytortuga said...

Congrats Erica!!!

No wonder your jokes flopped, your brain energy was being used up by the little one on the way!

Love, kim

Annette said...

As I was reading, I thought to myself I'd save that great idea for next year...but not if it will backfire on me!


Tonya said...

I'm thrilled for you all! How are you feeling?

Tonya said...

After my day yesterday I almost did say "better you than me!" as my comment, but didn't think that was nice. :-) I really am happy for you. Babies are adorable and our kids are usually fabulous! I am truly glad it is not me. I think you'd have to put me in a nut house if that happened right now. :-)

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Congratulations, Dear Girl! Now how did THAT go, telling him, "Well, actually, Honey, I can predict the future..." ???

Many blessings as you see the blessings before you and you build more within.

God's love and peace!

Natalia said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations!!!!

Wendy said...

Congratulations! :)