Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dinner for two at the Dora table

Valentine's Day at our house is celebrated as a family. We normally have a romantic dinner with candles, wine goblets, a more adventurous entree and a fun dessert, chosen by the kids. This year our son had requested Baked Alaska, mind you I had no idea what this was, and dreaded the thought of making something elaborate. Why couldn't they have asked for cupcakes? My dread was increased by having our seven year old daughter ask me if she could invite her "boyfriend" to dinner with us. I told her I would think about it and after Matt showed up at our house on Valentines day with a box of chocolate and a stuffed animal I thought I would oblige. I looked on the internet and found an easy version of Baked Alaska, not so dreadful after all. Now my only worry seemed to be my little girl growing up. When she came home from school she started planning, she would bring the Dora table out of the playroom and place it in the family room (close by our eating area thankfully). She picked flowers for both of our tables, daffodils, and got down some candles. Jace wrote up menus and was to be their waiter for the evening. Brynna went to get ready in a dress and heeled shoes. Matt arrived an hour early. I'm thinking isn't it enough that I'm fixing dinner for him now I have to babysit him too? My pep talk to myself went something like this, "you're creating memories for your kids, it's fine don't worry, the screaming and yelling is their way of self-entertainment." When dinner was ready, the candles were lit, Disney provided the mood music, the punch was served and the menu presented. Of course they chose what I had made, there were no other selections. The two giggled the whole time and ate super speedily. The couple, along with the other three, upon finishing danced around while I cleaned up and prepared to put the finishing touches on my dessert. I put it in the broiler and burnt it, go figure, I've never really worked one of those before. Pep talk to myself, "it's fine, they're kids, they eat their own boogers, it's still gonna work." I was able to scrape the burnt part and the kids scarfed it down (go figure).8 After I told the kids it was time for Matt to go home and we were all cleaned up, Brynna told me it was the best Valentines Day ever. I was glad I could make this day special, hopefully she will remember her first "date" with a boy, 'cause if I have anything to do with it, it's her last until she's married!

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