Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baby Jamal

One day while discussing baby names at the lunch table, the kids began to throw out baby names. The responses were pretty typical. Brynna wanted to name the baby after her BFF at school Annika, but she also liked Crystal and Kaitlynn. Jace, in hopes of it being a boy, threw out the name Michael or Justin (his BFFs). Then Ryleigh said she was going to call the baby Jamal. Not sure at the time where this was coming from we asked her what if it's a girl. To which she said she would still call the baby Jamal. Ryleigh loves the cartoon "Little Bill" and on one of the recent episodes Little Bill had a brand new cousin named, you guessed it, Jamal. Ever since that day at the table, Ryleigh only refers to the baby as Jamal. "When is Jamal coming?" "Does Jamal like rice crispy treats?" "Goodnight Jamal." "I love you, Jamal", as she kisses my belly. It has become quite endearing and now with just a few weeks to go we all refer to the baby in my belly as Jamal. So although I don't think Jamal will be a first name, I am trying to talk Brian into a second middle name. I'll keep you posted.

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