Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Grown-up Christmas List

For those of you who follow my blog, no I have not given up. My desire to get back on here and type is great but my time is too short. We are still moving. What has it been 2 months now? It's ridiculous but true. This weekend is the final push before our tenants move in. We have been making trips back and forth and now my new one is filled to the gills with boxes that have yet to be unpacked. The job of cleaning the other house hangs over me like Eeyore's rain cloud. I will be so relieved when we are done, I mean completely done with the other house so that I can turn my attention to this one. In the interim life has not stopped, we've had ministry commitments, school commitments, potty training regression, sickness, allergies, and the everyday screaming, nakedness and fighting that is my reality. So my hope is that by Christmas, life will resume some normalcy. I hope that the smell of cardboard will be gone and replaced with tons of yummy cookies. That the stacks of stuff will be replaced with a tree and just a few of my favorite decorations (I'm not doing the whole shebang). That the continuous loop of kids shows so that I can get something done will be replaced with Hallmark channel Christmas movie watching. The "heck no" response to the requests to paint or craft will finally be replaced with a "yes, let's make Christmas presents". That the screams, shouts, running, peeing on the floor, hair pulling, nursing, diaper changing, cheerio throwing, non-nap taking and mess making would be replaced with peace on earth...or at least eight straight hours of sleep.

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Tonya said...

I've been waiting for the magic of Christmas since early May. I keep saying that by Christmas things should be normal. I'm a little afraid since it's only 4 weeks away and we don't have pictures on the walls, curtains up in the downstairs, and a few thousand other things to still do. Christmas gifts? FORGET IT. I so wish I could get away with it this year ...

Again, I'm feeling your pain!