Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A few weeks ago I did an interview for the Homemaking Cottage. They are doing a series on large families and I volunteered to give a glimpse into our lives and the reason why I keep birthing more children. Click here to read my interview and check out the other moms too. Don't you just love the vicarious peek blogs allow us into others lives?

I found that answering questions was a lot easier to do then to sit in front of an empty blog page searching for inspiration. It was reminiscent of journaling in elementary school. The topic is already picked, I just have to respond. So, with that being said, if you have questions let me know and I will answer them. (A note to family: this is not the time to ask when we are coming East.)

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Tonya said...

Have you started homeschooling Jace yet? How do you feel about it? Why are you doing it?

Can you write funny stories about life from when you were a newlywed (if you can remember back that far)? Like when you lived out in the deserted part of the desert. :-)

Geesh, I could think of a million questions. Maybe I'll just send you a question whenever you get slow on blogging.

Annette said...

I missed that post! Sorry!

Next post idea: discipline!! and maybe organization, but definitely how you discipline your children. I, specifically, want to know about tantrums in little ones. :)

Do you remember life before marriage? It's hard, huh?