Monday, February 22, 2010

Lower Your Standards

I'm often asked how I raise six kids, coordinate a ministry, home school, and get everything done. The truth is, I don't get everything done and most times I get nothing done. I always tell people not to be impressed. However, people still say they are in awe and ask for my secret. My response, "I've lowered my standards." I thought I would share a few of those standards with you over the next few weeks. Hopefully you can relate, hopefully you will not think I'm crazy or disgusting and if you was nice knowing you.

How I do it #1: Pray often! Not holy-long-winded-prayers, but monosyllabic oh-Lord-prayers. These at times are my most genuine prayers.

How I do it #2: If I'm lucky I get to take a shower every other day and my leg hair is usually visible from the Hubble telescope.  Body spray and the ponytail are on my list for the most ingenious things ever created.

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homemakerchronicles said...

Ah, this is refreshing! I can totally identify and I "only" have five children. The shower every other day is my motto...I've just resigned to be clean no more than 4 days a week.