Sunday, February 28, 2010

What are you wearing?

How I do it #4: Everyone but Sadie and Vance pick out their own clothes and dress themselves.  This one was a hard one to overcome at first, especially with Brynna who would wear cat costumes, rain boots, and a winter hat to the grocery store, but it was born from necessity and continues to make my life easier.  One day a friend of mine reassured me that this was okay, that it was fostering independence and decision making.  Her sage words are still a favorite quote of mine, "Sometimes you just gotta let them walk behind you."


Catherine Anne said...

Love this! Its so true. Well what I do is let them pick at times of going out and always on "at home" days". Wishing I could let them go for it all of the time.

Tonya said...

My girls always wear mismatched socks. I refuse to match socks in the laundry and do not care if they have one green and one purple sock on. Works for us! :-) Oh, and my girls get the two youngest dressed every day - they pick out the outfit and get them dressed. I rarely say anything about what they are wearing, but some days it is VERY interesting!