Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life By The Handful

I wouldn't be a good web designer, that's for sure.  My friend commented the other day to say I should update my header to include Sadie.   So I attempted to update and now the whole thing is askew.  My words aren't centered like on my last heading (although I'm not missing a coma like I was on the last one).  I'm not sure where the box came from or how to make it border my picture like it was intended.  Unfortunately it will remain there, a 1/4-too-small square that will be a reminder of my lack of cyber artistic skills.  And yes, I realize I still really didn't update with Sadie, but I was really trying to keep the whole hand holding theme going and I don't have any with Sadie out of the womb.  Sorry!  Maybe after next years Christmas card photo session.


Riahli said...

I love the picture...adorable family!

Malty Mama said...

Sadie is in the picture, she's marinating!

Catherine Anne said...

Such a beautiful family~