Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Erica Resolutions

I just revisited my post The Evolution of Erica.  It was my birthday post last year; I reflected where I was and what I had become.  This year however has made me think about where I am going.  It amazes me that with every day that passes, I become more aware of time.  Sometimes, acutely aware.  Last night I figured out that in five short years, my oldest will be going off to college.  That my friends is a frightening revelation, especially when you think that it was a blink of an eye to get to 13!  So these crazy realizations, the comparisons to my own childhood and adolescence has me reeling at times, but I figure I need to do something about it and stop acting punch-drunk.  I'm going to make New Erica Resolutions in hopes of managing my time better..

This coming year, I am going to stop being just the observant-play parent and become the play-on-the-floor parent too.  I am going to interact by pushing a matchbox car around, making dinosaurs fight, building Lego mansions, and dressing Barbies for at least15 minutes every day. ( I cringe as I type such a short amount of time, but to be honest I don't have the imagination to make it last too much longer than that.)

This coming year, I am going to listen to the kids.  I am going to stop the laundry and loading of the dishwasher and look into my kids eyes as they speak to me.

This coming year, I am going to create more moments to share as a family and with the kids as individuals. 

This coming year I am going to try and find the big picture in life.  I am going to weigh the pros and cons and if the con is my personal discomfort than I will press on anyway.

This coming year I am going to bake for friends and random people.  I am going to learn how to make fancy cupcakes with exotic flavors like on Cupcake Wars and most likely gain 10 pounds.

This coming year, I will no longer tailgate. I may still call people "stupid idiot", but there will be a safe following distance when I do it.

This coming year I am going to get more sleep and stop using the "I'm tired" excuse to explain my behavior, lack of productivity, and why I don't brush and floss every night.

This coming year, I am going to be an encourager to my husband.  I am going to tell him thanks when he helps with the kids without me asking, when he gets home from working all day, and even when he leaves a mess on the stove and the kids are still up at 10 at night because I went out with friends.  I will not take him for granted.

This coming year, I am going to make a difference in the lives of strangers and young mothers by loving and caring for them, therefore making a difference in my own family.

 This coming year, I will write once a month whether that be on here or on a calendar.  I will do it!

This coming year, I will evolve even more.  I will sober up to the fact that I can't stop time, but I can make the most of what time God has given me.


Thoughts of "FAITH" said...

What great resolutions Erica. I think These are some That I could stand to take myself. Love ya sis

Malty Mama said...

It sounds like you are striving to be more of a live in the moment type woman... I love it! Now we just need to figure out how to ship baked goods back and forth....

Tonya said...

Good things. And encouraging to me as well!